Under the Stars
Under the Stars
Under the Stars
Under the Stars

Under the Stars

StoryTiles is a Dutch company founded by Marga van Oers and Judith Beek in 2013 through a crowdfunding campaign. 
StoryTiles create fun and humorous art on tiles continuing the tradition of making ceramic tiles which began in the Delft region of the Netherlands in the 16th Century.  
Each tile is hand-designed and hand-baked featuring a clever hanging system on the back that allows it to be hung easily around the home.
This piece of art is heat and water resistant, and the unique design will last a lifetime.
The tiles of StoryTiles are of high quality, traditionally baked at a very high temperature and made in Holland.
StoryTiles come in very cool cardboard packaging making the ideal gift.
The tiles can be used decoratively as a “mini painting” but are also suitable for designs in all possible spaces; homes, offices, restaurants, hotels and bars.
Contact us for more information.
StoryTiles are an absolute favourite of everyone here at We Give it a Whirl
This tile is the same size as a regular tile.
13 x 13cm
Under the Stars works really well with Under the Umbrella. 
We also offer a free gift wrapping service, just pop us an email with your request at hello@wegiveitawhirl.ie when you place your order.